We don understand why such behaviour

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cheap ray bans CITES placed the eight species of pangolin on the convention’s “Appendix I,” which prohibits any cross border movement in the animals or their body parts for commercial purposes.s are scaly animals with the dubious distinction of being the world’s most poached mammal. Meat is prized as a delicacy in Asian economies such as Vietnam, while the animal’s scales are used in traditional medicines.African Grey Parrot Prized for its ability to imitate human speech, this species also placed on “Appendix I”.The African grey parrot is usually bred in captivity and sold as a pet.High levels or deforestation and increased trafficking for the pet industry have led to the decline of the parrot, which was once widespread across central and western Africa. Global trade in the bones, claws and teeth of wild lions has also been imposed with exemptions for those harvested from captive bred lions in South Africa.The decision on lions was a compromise which fell short of the Appendix I listing that some African countries and conservationists were pushing for.Conservationists fear the legal market from South African captive raised lions could provide incentives for poachers to “launder” bones taken from wild lions.Lion bone is highly sought after in Asia for use in traditional medicines and is used as a substitute for the bones of tigers, which are much rarer cheap ray bans.