Jefferson Morley

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Jefferson Morley, Jefferson Morley is former associate editor of the New Republic and Washington editor of the NationPLATFORM : In Defense of Self Defense SANDY SHIRE, SANDY SHIRE, community activist and owner of a West Hollywood jewelry store, objects to doubts raised about another store owner who has shot and killed five would be armed robbers:Sex, Love and Homework in the Real World Sara Meyers, Sara Myers is a sophomore at Beverly Hills High School and opinion editor of the school newspaper, HighlightsPERSONAL PERSPECTIVE : When Lying Creates No Guilt or Even Embarrassment, I Scared Jonathan Schorr, Jonathan Schorr teaches English, history and journalism at Pasadena High SchoolProbably Little Good Can Come of This : Quadrennial Washington tax cut scramble is more politics than economicsPLATFORM : Students in Debt KIM WILLIAMS, KIM WILLIAMS is chairwoman of the California State Student Assn., which represents 362,000 full and part time students.

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