Become a part of the group for our activities and trips and sign up for  a trip. How it works? You just send us a email or fill the form with name of the offer that you are interested in. If you have some questions about the trip just ask. If something is that you miss in the package send us your idea and we make a special offer just for you or group of your friends.

After we make a final offer that you agree on we will send you a informations about the trip, conditions and instructions what to do with invoice with payment. You are payung a private company that is organising the trips with our special guides and tour plans.

After we receive your payment you a part of the trip. When the trip is done 10% of cash is going to the open charity account that will be used for interesting projects of travellers all around the worlds that applied on ou page and we put their project into this section or travellers in need that will proove their problems on the road. You should check whom we are suporting.